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Polyurethane Binder for Cork and Rubber






Flexbind 109 is a high quality polyurethane binder for the production of composite materials from ground rubber scrap and cork. It is a solvent free liquid which imparts flexibility and strength to the composite material and is used to make a range of cork and rubber products.





Flexbind 109 is used in the production of cork stoppers as well as medium and high-density cork parquet boards for flooring. It is also used for the production of rubber composite materials, safety tiles, anti-vibration and antiskid mats, sports flooring, soundproof panels, etc.





Flexbind 109 is used as a binder primarily for ground rubber scrap, ground cork or other materials, such as sand or stone aggregate. Depending on the nature and particulate size of the ground material, it is possible to obtain a large number of products with varied applications. The binder content is usually 10 - 20 % by weight depending on the ground material and the application of the final product


Flexbind 109 is used in large volume production of molded parts in heated hydraulic presses. The binder is mixed thoroughly with the ground material and pressed in the mould. The processing temperature is usually 100 - 120 C. De-molding time will depend on the temperature used and the residual moisture content of the ground particles. Post curing can be done at room temperature for a week or at 100-120 C for 12 hours.








Solid content


Viscosity (25C)

2500 1000 cP

Specific gravity (25C)

1.07 0.01

NCO Value

5.5 1.0%





1 kg, 4 kg, 10 kg and 20 kg.





Flexbind should be stored in a cool and dry area. It can be stored for 6 months in its original, unopened container.


Flexbind formulations are subject to strict quality control, innovations and improvements.

The above information is given on the basis of our best knowledge and information and is for your guidance only.

Specifications, however, are subject to change and no guarantee is given or implied.




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