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Frequently Asked Questions


Floor Coatings




Why do I need floor coatings for my factory floor?


Concrete floors that are commonly used in industries are highly porous and absorb oil and liquids easily. They also give rise to fine dust particles due to the movement of traffic over the floor. Epoxy and polyurethane floor coatings prevent all these problems as well as give more protection to the floor from damages. Additionally, the floor looks more colourful and attractive and is easily maintained.


Can floor coatings cater to any additional requirements?


Floor coatings can be tailored to suit the needs of certain industries that require special properties in the floor such as antistatic properties (electronic plants, hospital operation theatres, etc.), antifungal/anti-bacterial properties (pharmaceutical plants, food processing units, canteens, etc.) and corrosion resistance properties (chemical plants).


Is there any difference between polyurethane and epoxy floor coatings?


Polyurethanes are generally more elastic and shock absorbing and have better wear and tear properties. Epoxies tend to be more brittle and hard but are less expensive.


How thick should my floor coating be?


The thickness selected usually depends on the expected wear and tear and the service life required. Typically industries with low traffic usually opt for 0.5 mm to 1mm whereas those with higher traffic use 2 to 5mm.


Are floor coatings expensive?


Floor coatings are a fraction of the cost of the concrete floor that they protect. They extend the life of the floor and are easily repaired/recoated in case of accidental damages.


Are there many colours I can choose from?


Yes, we can offer you a wide variety of colours to match your needs.


I cannot stop my entire plant for application of floor coatings. How can I get my floor coated?


The application of epoxy or polyurethane coatings can be done in patches to ensure that only small sections of your plant are affected at any given time. The coatings are quick drying and can be walked upon after a day.


Will the floor coatings increase the strength of the concrete floor and increase its load bearing capacity?


The load bearing capacity of the floor depends mainly on the quality and strength of the concrete. Application of a few millimetres of coatings over it will not increase the load bearing capacity, though it will help reduce the wear and tear of the floor surface.


Can the coatings be applied on a wet floor?


The floor should have moisture content less than 4% to ensure good bonding between the floor and the coatings.



















































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