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Will my exterior emulsion paint last longer if I apply WeatherKare over it?


Yes, the life of your paint will be extended as WeatherKare helps protect the painted surface from fungus and bacteria growth as well as damage due to normal weather conditions and environmental pollution. 


The sole purpose of WeatherKare layer is to provide a protective barrier against potential surface deterioration.


Are your protective coats for stone and walls expensive?


Not at all! They are economical and highly cost effective in the long run. They extend the life of the surface and minimize maintenance costs.


  How long can WeatherKare last?


The life of WeatherKare will depend on several environmental factors and is therefore difficult to predict. A relatively thin layer of WeatherKare is designed to withstand tough weathering conditions.





Can I reapply WonderTouch after several years or do I need to remove the old WonderTouch  coating?


You do not need to remove the old coating. WonderTouch will bond to the old coating.  However, usual precaution must be taken to clean the surface free of dust and other impurities prior to applying WonderTouch.


Is there a limit on the number of coats that I can apply?


No, you can apply as many coats as you like. More coats will only build up a higher film thickness which will give you extra protection.


What will happen if I dilute WonderTouch with water before application?


We do not recommend it. Though the diluted WonderTouch will cover more area, the film thickness, fungal resistance, abrasion, adhesion, etc. will suffer.


  Can I coat StoneGard on my marble kitchen floor?


Yes you can. Marble is porous and is easily stained. For example, If lime juice spills on marble, it damages the marble. Application of StoneGard prevents such damages and keeps your marble looking clean and fresh.



















































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