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Frequently Asked Questions



Water-based Wood Coating




Will my wooden furniture last longer if I use Woogard coating system?


Yes, all wooden surfaces that are coated by our high wear resistance Woodgard coating system will be protected against normal damages caused by water, tea and coffee spills, placing of hot objects on them, careless handling, etc. Your furniture will not only last longer but will look better.



Is your wood coating system expensive?


Not at all! Woodgard coatings are economical and highly cost effective in the long run. Water is used for dilution and cleaning of tools unlike in melamine systems which require expensive solvents.



Can I apply your Woodgard coating by myself?


Yes, our coatings are easily applied even by a high quality brush and are ideally suited for ‘do it yourself’ applications.



Can I use tap water to dilute the coatings?


Distilled water or demineralized water is best for dilution. Tap water, however, may be used for dilution during application if it is not very acidic in nature e.g. with high chlorine content.  Dilute only as much material as is required. Do not store the diluted material for long as it may have lower storage stability. 


Caution: Dilution reduces product thickness per coat.



What is the difference between your system and others?


Our coatings are based on Polyurethanes which have much better wear and tear properties than other wood coating systems. They also have excellent elastic properties and do not crack easily. Over and above, our coatings are water-based and safer to use than all other solvent based systems.


Will there be a smell in the room after my furniture is polished?


No. There will be no obnoxious smell after our coatings have dried unlike the case with solvent based coatings like melamine.



Is Woodgard safer to apply than melamine based coatings?


Definitely! Melamine based coatings use an excess of solvents which are not good for you, especially if you have asthma or other breathing problems.



Do you provide application services?


We can certainly recommend applicators who can apply our system for you.



Can I reapply Woodgard over my furniture after several years or do I need to remove the old Woodgard coating?

You do not need to remove the old coating. Woodgard will bond to the old coating even after several years.



Is there a limit on the number of coats of Woodgard that I can apply?


No, you can apply as many coats as you like without any limit. More coats will only build up a higher film thickness which will give you extra protection in case your wooden surface is likely to face more wear and tear e.g. wooden floors.



Will my hot teapot leave a white mark if I accidentally put it on your coating?


Typically you would not see any white mark in a such a situation.



What will happen if I spill coffee on a Woodgard coated table?


Just wipe up the spill with a wet cloth.


















































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